Privacy Policy
The company has adopted the following policy for appropriate protection and use of Personal Information pursuant to the Law relating to the Protection of Personal Information.
  1. We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations concerning privacy protection in handling your personal information.
  2. We will only collect your personal information by appropriate and fair means.
  3. We will not use your personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use that we have previously specified, unless you give your prior consent.
  4. We will not provide third parties with your personal information unless you give your prior consent, other than as specifically set forth in this Privacy Policy.
  5. We will at all times assign responsibility for protection of personal information and development of our internal systems to a designated officer in order to help ensure appropriate management of personal information.
  6. In the event that personal information is provided to an external contractor, the company will take responsibility for ensuring that said external contractor has proper systems in place to protect the privacy of such personal information.
  7. We will respond appropriately to requests from our users to disclose the personal information that we maintain concerning them, to correct any inaccuracies in such information and to cease use of their personal information.