2012.02.01 "Supporting the recovery of Japan's electronics industry" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (Nikkei)
2011.11.30 Sangyo Sosei Advisory advises Japan Communications on establishing a MVNO joint venture with Marubeni Corp (Marubeni, JCI Press Release)
2011.11.15 INCJ, Toshiba, Hitachi and Sony execute a definitive agreement to create a small and medium-sized LCD joint venture, Japan Display; Sangyo Sosei Advisory advises INCJ (INCJ Press Release)
2011.08.05 "Analysis of Hitachi - Mitsubishi merger discussions" - Interview with Atsushi Abe (Reuters)(English only)
2011.07.14 Sangyo Sosei Advisory acts as advisor to ConvenientPower (HK) in investment by Mitsui Global Investment (ConvenientPower IR Release)
2011.03.28 "Urgent need to recover profitability in Japanese electric industry - is restructuring possible?" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (Reuters)
2011.03.18 Support for the victims of the Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake
2011.02.02 Sangyo Sosei Advisory advises Unison Capital on the Management Buyout of Enoteca (Unison Capital IR Release)
2011.01.07 "Specialist's View: Crisis consciousness drives business restructuring of Japan electric industry" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato and Atsushi Abe (Bloomberg)
2010.12.08 Sangyo Sosei Advisory advises Trustees on sale of FOI assets to a major US semiconductor equipment company
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