2010.05.24 "Need for globalization driving technology M&A" - Interview with Atsushi Abe (Nikkei)
2010.01.18 "Combined market cap of major 8 electronics conglomerates can increase with restructurings" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (Reuters)
2010.01.07 "Japan Electronics Makers Headed for Mergers, Consultant Says" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (Business Week)
2009.12.18 "M&A Trio Eager to Tap Japan's Potential in Electronics, Telecom" (Nikkei Business Daily)
2009.12.15 Sangyo Sosei Advisory commences operations
2009.12.10 "Investment Bankers Set Up Firm Focusing On Electronics, Telecom" (Nikkei)
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