2019.05.27 Sangyo Sosei Advisory advises Sony Network Communications ("SNC") on business transfer of "So-net for Docomo Hikari" to NTT Plala (SNC Press Release) (Japanese only)
2019.04.23 Sangyo Sosei Advisory advises E.ON (Germany) on a cooperation agreement with Kyuden Mirai Energy for Offshore Wind projects in Japan (E.ON Press Release)
2019.02.15 Sangyo Sosei Advisory advises OVO Group (UK) on a 20% strategic investment from Mitsubishi Corp (OVO Press Release)
2018.08.14 "Super Cycle Theory" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (Nikkei) (Japanese only)
2017.11.26 "Shaping the future of the Japanese electronics industry" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (Nikkei Veritas) (Japanese only)
2017.06.13 "Key success factors for Japan Display's OLED strategy" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (Weekly Economist) (Japanese only)
2017.06.11 "Caution advised as current Japanese semiconductor industry similar to pre-IT bubble period" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (Nikkei Veritas) (Japanese only)
2017.06.02 "Need for long term industrial reform in Japanese electronics sector" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (Fuji Sankei Business Eye) (Japanese only)
2017.04.14 Sangyo Sosei Advisory advises Powertech Technology on its acquisition of Micron Akita and its public tender offer bid for Tera Probe (Powertech Technology Press Release)
2017.04.03 "Factors behind the troubles of Toshiba" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (The Asahi Shimbun) (Japanese only)
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