2021.04.19 "Challenges for Japanese semiconductor equipment manufacturers" - Interview with Fumiaki Sato (Nikkei Quick) (Japanese only)
2021.03.31 Sangyo Sosei Advisory advises ARTERIA Networks Corporation on data center business alliance with Digital Edge (Japan) G.K. (ARTERIA Networks Press Release)
2020.06.22 Atsushi Abe participates in [PwC Global Mega Trend Forum 2020] and discusses "Managing risks and increasing corporate value with improving corporate governance" (PwC Value Navigator) (Japanese only)
2020.05.23 "Fujitsu taps ex-fund manager to better connect with capital markets" - Interview with Fujitsu Chairman of the Board and SSA Co-Founder Atsushi Abe (Nikkei)
2020.03.26 Sangyo Sosei Advisory advises on Japan Display ("JDI") capital alliance with Ichigo Trust (JDI Press Release)
2019.12.15 SSA celebrates 10th anniversary
2019.12.05 Hideyuki Nakashima promoted to Partner
2019.11.29 Atsushi Abe's notable apointment to Chairman of Board of Fujitsu reflection of growing importance of ESG in Japan (Nikkei)
2019.11.13 Atsushi Abe appointed as the chairman of special committee formed to advise the board of NuFlare Technology in its sale to Toshiba Corporation (NuFlare Technology Press Release) (Japanese only)
2019.11.06 Sangyo Sosei Advisory provides Fairness Opinion to Vena Energy Japan in relation to solar asset management project
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