Many of Japan’s TMT leaders have reached crossroads in their pursuit of growth. As global competition grows, previously secular industries converge, and demand for traditionally core products mature, companies are challenged to adapt to the new paradigm or else fall irreversibly behind the pack. Sangyo Sosei Advisory (SSA) was formed with the hope of assisting Japanese companies formulate and execute the crucial strategies which will form the foundation of their next stages of growth.

SSA is Japan’s first independent TMT-focused investment bank. Formed by three of the market’s most experienced TMT bankers in 2009, we believe that honest and timely advice, extensive market experience, and freedom from traditional conflicts of larger banks puts us in a better position to add value to our clients.

We believe that the right advice will have the end result of helping our clients achieve their full commercial potential. Japan has a wealth of individual talent and world class proprietary technologies trapped within inefficient business processes. Successfully unlocking these assets will be crucial to revitalizing domestic technology industries.

Sound financial advice has never been more in demand. Volatility of global financial markets has forced Japanese companies to think dynamically about sources of capital. Gradual breakdown of the traditional relationship-based banking model means that managers need to carefully consider alternative public and private debt and equity options. Investors' expectations of management performance has never been greater.

At SSA we hope to win the trust of our clients and offer the best and most honest advice possible. Our only interests are your interests. Clients always come first at SSA. As our company name suggests (Sangyo Sosei means "industrial creation") we believe that we can play a role in the transition of Japan’s TMT industries to their next phases of long term growth.